Roofing Material Specifications

Roofing Peel Away


  • 28-gauge galvanized L.F.Q. with both sides zinc coated by continuous method.


  • Both sides of substrate chemically cleaned with an alkaline “Parco 338W” cleaner
  • Dry in place chrome conversion coating with Henkel “1402W Bonderite” applied to both sides of substrate.



FM-4470 Foot Traffic/Hail Resistance

Is resistant to severe hail and foot traffic

UL-1897 Uplift Resistance

Up to 160 mph rating with 5 clips and screws

UL-2218 Hail/Impact Resistance

Class 4 rating (highest possible rating)

ICBO AC07 Penetration Resistance

200 lbs. pressure, minimum deformation

ASTM A90-95 Galvanization Performance

Meets or exceeds G90 standard

UL-790 Fire Resistance